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RS38s and elevation, will I need to rejet?

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In September a mate and I are doing a 3500 mile road trip here in the states that will take us from sea level to around ten thousand feet at the highest point. The bike currently has as far as I know a stock M 1127 engine, RS38s with velocity stacks and Ramair filters, and a full Akro system. Other than a slight stumble on the bottom end that I need to get sorted, the bike runs great, at sea level or close to it. We're only going to be at really high elevation for maybe 2 days out of 10, and I'm trying to decide now if I should start planning on having to swap mains at a campground along the way or if I can lug it and power through for a couple of days in the Rockies.

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8 minutes ago, Gammaboy said:

Injection and a Turbo is the only true answer.

Take a set of leaner mains and swap them if you feel you need to. Better than going "nah, she'll be right" and not having them on hand.

I've got another 1100 that will be getting injection and a turbo, this one I'm trying to keep old fashioned.

I'll check the current jets and get a size leaner to bring along. Thanks.

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19 minutes ago, Upshotknothole said:

Thanks, yeah I think I'll bring a couple sets of jets and then see how it runs and decide along the way if I want to sit at camp drinking beer or changing jets.

Changing jets on RSs is a piece of piss - don't even have to remove the float bowl.

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