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What steering dampers are people using on their slingys

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Should be very safe with an extra 4 inches of wheelbase, touring bike territory !  I think Johnny1Bump has a damper, but his bike is set-up pretty extreme, has 170hp and is setup for track work (and for his style).  I bought a cheap damper from Taiwan when I was setting my bike up and seeing what happened when I got increasingly enthusiastic - I don't think anything happened (just the odd waggle) as the other chaps have said.

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On 23/06/2017 at 10:46 PM, dupersunc said:

My standard response.  They don't need one


Of course they need one.  For those of us who aren't actually that fast they're better than a K&N sticker at adding kudos ;)

I've got a Toby damper on mine as it had a knackered OEM one on it which I believe are not refurbishable, or not worth reburbishing.  Happy with the Toby, it's rebuildable when it needs servicing.

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Jacked up rear 35 mm lowered front 35 mm certainly needs damper but saying that on light setting without it can get yourself in world of pain. Our oil burners real tyre dependant has massive effect. Damper needs to be on light setting helps fast tip in with counter steer. Admittedly im out of practice.


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7/11 with an 89 slingy frame and 05-06 gsxr 1k front end, stock damper off the 1K, but can't say that I've ever noticed it. Forks have been resprung and the rear has a K4 swing arm and a penske shock and it handles great. I've considered swapping the stock with an Ohlins for the bling, but really can't be bothered.

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