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Wheelie Kid

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  • 3 weeks later...


I cleaned up the head, lapped the valves and leak tested them whilst @davecarasorted the carbs, cheers mate. It leaked like a sieve. So I pulled another head of the shelf, grubby as hell put it held fuel, I was just about to start stripping it when I forgot, like most, I have another head, a ported freshly blasted and decoked one at that. Bitchin. 



Quick spin over to my friends, turned out he'd completed the job 2 months ago and I'd just forgot about it. Winning. Back home, lapped some valves in, leak test and it's a winner. Mint. 20180425_220523.thumb.jpg.51dc4082ab2dd669cf12cd31bc359247.jpg

My dad's been bugging me lately to just throw everything iv got at this bike. So, iv removed the rods pistons and block from my other build for this,all the parts have been kept into the original 1100 Crank and cases, their life may be short lived at this rate.




Lucky I did as I found this little beauty-replaced.


I had a call from Dave Dunlop of FBM fame to discuss the time line of my other build, basically I have decided to swop the work that's been paid for on the Z to upgrade the wheelie bike. And boyyyyy do I mean upgrades.... 


A Garrett GTX3076R Intercooled kit. Super excited for this. I Took Monday and Tuesday off work to crack on. 



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