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Slabbies and why we need them....


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On 4/30/2017 at 7:25 PM, Simbec1863 said:

Cleaned the fairings and gave them a wax,polished the swinger to.

Love white wheels but wished they cleaned themselves:)



Sexy ass bike bud your making me regret selling my 750 :( i might wanna start being creative in the excuses for the missus ..

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Whole day on the old bus today.

Fitted a few parts I’ve had kicking around for 3 years, replaced the fuel and vac hoses.Balanced the flatties and stuck in some fresh oil and new filter.

Even stuck on the NOS rear reflector I’ve had in a box for donkeys.

Fairings back on and back in the garage ready for post apocalypse  :D,beer o’clock now :tu









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9 hours ago, Dukeman said:


My 1100 has  a red mudguard, your 750 has black.... is that standard?

The schemes on the 1100 and 750 were different in the UK and probably most other countries my mudguard should be black if you scheme is like this then the mudguard would be red as standard37D6865F-D16D-4321-A69A-1A5A911EF721.thumb.jpeg.d98c5b1d000b35f17b24e6a9b317d87a.jpeg

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Dragged the old girl and the smoker out today while it wasn’t raining to give them a fire up,had a check over as they’ve been sat in the shed for months.The slabbie front wheel had a nice pool of brake fluid on it looks like the seals gone in the front calliper,oh well that’s a job for another month, good job the mot has long expired otherwise I may have discovered the lack of front brakes while I was out on the roads xD


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With getting the race bike ready the old girl has been left leaking brake fluid due to blown seals.Sun out today so felt like the right time to start the job.Pulled the once freshly painted callipers to bits to find most of the paint is knackered so decided to clean them up,then looked for some paint but had no joy in the shed so will buy some after the weekend.Decided to do the same upgrade as the race blandit so fitted a spare non suzuki master cylinder,had to adjust the reservoir a wee bit to clear the fairing stay but all seems ok.I’ve just got to get some paint now,then fit the nice new discs and bolts I’ve had for over a year but due to racing and working away haven’t found the time.It’s a job for another weekend once I source some paint for the callipers.Beer time now :)









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While I try to find some calliper paint thought I’d have an hour swapping the well knackered 1987 discs out for some new ones,think they look ok and can’t work any worse than the old ones:).

Even managed to get the bus to fire just before I flattened the shit motobatt battery....






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  • 3 weeks later...

Early knock from work today so took advantage of an unexpected opportunity, brake pads in,calipers on and lines secured.

Fitted a new brake light switch ready to cut the old slabbie item and stick a couple of spades on to get the brake light to function again,had to buy some non Suzook parts to get the new setup to work including a black lever to keep it looking similar :D Just need to bleed the brakes next then can get an mot on the old girl again.







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On 4/11/2017 at 3:51 PM, Simbec1863 said:

So why did I need one...we all have our stories wanted one as a kid etc,etc.

I was lucky enough to be old enough to buy one 2nd hand but not run in back in 1987.Picked up from Cusworths on a sunny day and even stopped by the feds on the way back to Nottingham because they wanted to look at it:).

I bought it to race but never got that far as after 5 weeks an old bloke pulled out in front of me in the wet and I went over his car,the bike didn't and ended up going through a fence then landed head first in a pond now drowning:(.

Fast forward a year and bike repaired on the cheap after insurance payout....steering head was now oval ish but a st damper cured it until once again an old guy with a caravan pulled in front of me on the old M1j 24 island I was heading towards north bound but never made it and hit him at least doing 70 the bike sparked round the island and went down the A453 and I flew through the air behind it.

Cuts and bruises only thanks to my sambas and paddock jacket jeans combo 

pic of the bike after 2nd repair and new frame with new gear thanks to compo pay out


Sat waiting for my flight to work this morning and a spooky moment on eblag when you see your original bike for sale, it is still alive and up for sale just down the road from me for over £6000, I might email them to tell them their lovely original condition barn find was well and truly crashed by me in 1988 and is on its 2nd frame with repaired and replaced bodywork and has only 1 key,I still have the spare hanging in the shed :D



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First chance in a while to do anything with the old bus,brakes bled up and wired the fart blade brake light switch.All tested and working ok,probably need to give the brakes another bleed to get the last bit of air out but had to abandon the outside shed when it started to rain.Stuck a cable tie on the brake lever after giving them a good pump will check tomorrow to see if the last bit of air has gone.




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