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Got myself an ET......nearly

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Thank you.

For me it's always been the V&H sidewinder that is oldskool.

Because that was "the pipe" 1984 when the bikes were new.(Sweden)

Never seen that much Yoshimura pipes here.

ALFA straight pipe and some KERKER pipes, is what i remember.

But V&H has always been the most common eftermarketpipe as far as i know.

I saw a nice baffle at Busa1300:s GS1000


From here:


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Other than take for MOT there's been little progress with the ET, now I'm going racing she won't progress this year, however there is a plan for 2020.

Need to sell my non Suzook and a few other things to get a budget..plus do more overtime etc

Full strip down is the job for this coming winter.

Frame will either be braced or a new style frame will be sourced from GIA/Saxon or similar.

Suspension will be taken to Maxton to get the thing handling better

Wheels currently are shiny slingshot items and will be replaced with something lighter.

Will be keeping the gold metal flake purple theme but will add matching period ET decals then get lacquered over if possible.

New loom to sort out the dodgy electrics and have been inspired by @Solcambsrecent upgrade on his Kat.

Plan for the engine is undecided but want to take her on track so would like the motor to be similar spec to the Thunder Kat(Dec 2018 Practical Sportsbikes Mag feature)- bloody expensive and maybe not achievable. I haven't dismissed the turbo idea either yet just need to see cost and usability for track days.

Other than that I want to keep her looking like an ET but want some power and track day handling..maybe I'm dreaming but you need a plan don't you.

So the shiny bling will go and will become more subtle in the future...more of a sleeper for those sunny days and days on track:)


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Poor old girl really has been neglected since I started racing ,mot long expired and been using her as a shelf to stack spare race tyres etc,dragged all the crap off her today and let her out in the sun.Battery is well knackered so no chance of firing her up.Thats a job for another day although there’s plenty of time at the moment but no cash :(.Found a spare battery and stuck it on charge hopefully get the engine turning tomorrow.



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Small update to this thread, was thinking of selling the purple people eater but have decided that it deserves to be used in a different way.I’ll race my blandit for another season then during 2021 will turn the ET into a race bike ...funds permitting.The plan is to carry on racing in FPR but change class to run in FP1.

Need to make a new list to see what the regs allow and how I can make this heavy old bus into fast and agile race bike, as it will be competing against some trick Harris framed Suzuki’s, a very sorted Grumpy prepped Kat and some fast other makes of bike.

Looks like I’ll have a busy 2021 racing and prepping the old girl on the cheap if possible, all donations are welcome...:)


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