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Cylinder head STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Has anybody any ideas or tips for removing my cylinder head from my 750 es? I've been pouring diesel and penetrating oil down the studs, but its still stuck solid. Starting to annoy me now, had to come out of the shed because I was starting to look at a SLEDGE HAMMER :stop:>:(

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1 hour ago, Captain Chaos said:

dunno but starting 3 topics about it won't really help

Totally agree,looks like sodding track pad thingy button sticking or I was a bit heavy handed thinking about that sodding engine:$:D

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the following are known tricks for another engine prone to stuck barrels  - necessary because of rarity of said barrel , if the one you have is reasonably easy to find replacement then i'd seriously consider your 1st though -- sledge hammer! ( possibly a grinder and slice n dice as a better option for killing it ) - - and after you've got serious with heat and tried locking nuts together to extract the studs etc.. type things

1) drill pilot hole near base of none oil return studs - so your lub can be seen to circulate down to the stuck area

2) make a crude thin wall sleeve with a few bottom teeth - something that can sleeve over the stud and rotate / work yir way down whilst continually washing out the crap

3) fook it - back to 1 and drill through the stud as well = now a weak point - try and shear the stud off - fix the mess later

4) split the cases and see if there is any purchase on the barrel from underneath - probably not - you might get lucky via a soft block across the liners and a bit of tapping but prone to damaging the liner entry - you can make a soft expander  - see a cheapo tube expander for example - this will grip inside the liner where its well supported by the barrel  - you can have a top plate secured on the studs but not sitting on top of the barrel and via a thread n nut pull on the expander - or you could tappity tap on the bottom - risk is, does the liner come out before the barrel comes off ?

5) order the replacement barrel and get the grinder oot

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Step 1. Remove head nuts

Step 2. Instal cam cover

Step 3. Start the engine

Step 4. Rev it to the limiter

Step 5. Wait until the head pops



Sorry I had to. Have done this to a Gurls blouse engine. It was fun xD

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The full disclosure of this nightmare is in a duplicate thread from a while ago but to cut a long story short, after taking on board some advice from the scholars of OSS land After some initial movement it was just not havin it so eventually Mr impatient turned up and I ended up with “err 2 very nice doorstops “ O.o

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