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show us your plenum

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3 minutes ago, Gixer1460 said:

Using the above picture for reference - once the carbs are removed and the plenum takes their place, it should be no where near the frame so nothing needs 'notching' ! There is loads of space. . . . . whether you can get the turbo into the space behind is another matter. The TB can be located almost anywhere as its only moving air - injectors in the plenum - job done!

The Mr Turbo Kits require notching for the exhaust and the carb in a Slabbie 1100.   Mate built this, and I'm sure he had to cut the frame both sides to clear the turbo and tail pipe. Not to say the Plenum and turbo couldn't be packaged to avoid it.

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But isn't this a bespoke install so shouldn't have to cut a frame to fit a kit - rather make kit fit the frame? Whilst an HSR (as fitted above ) is a good carb, Mr Turbo kits usually developed using S&S carbs which were considerably shorter so clearing the frame? I'd even consider turning the TB through 90 deg. to face backwards and fit under the seat?

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I was wondering where I can get or have a plenum made for a 95 Gsxr 750 it would help me out big time any and all I for parts fuel pump what should I use think I’m going to use like a t28 turbo my son is going to race the bike for me do to injury’s with my back thank u

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On 6/27/2019 at 10:25 PM, slabbyfaceddean said:

Probably but i haven't seen a slabbie running a drawthrough without a notched frame , but I could be wrong  

I seem to remember Blair Mccaul is running an 11 slabby draw through without notched frame his tb is mounted under an angle to clear the frame

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