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First ride out of the year didn’t turned out what i expected it to be.

Crashed on a roundabout 5 min from my house, cardriver behind me said he saw a bolt jumping when i fell.

Couldnt hold the bike it was gone instantly.

It was a bloody carwheel bolt

So bike wrecked and my body hurts again wich is bloody fekin horrible as i just recovered from my crash in spain.

Now let’s so what insurance will cover i have a lot of damage to bike and gear.

luckily no frame or paint damage






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1 hour ago, clivegto said:

Nice to hear your not to badly hurt. Was the car wheel stud in the road or did it fly of a car.

Driver behind me said when i fell he saw the bolt jumping away.

After he asked if i was okay he gave it to me so it was already on the roundabout i reckon

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17 minutes ago, Leblowski said:

Driver behind me said when i fell he saw the bolt jumping away.

After he asked if i was okay he gave it to me so it was already on the roundabout i reckon

Very unlucky that but there again it could have been a lot worse. Onwards & upwards (y)

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And now it's in my garage. Well, with my MOT guy..... after an interesting COVID-19 effected road trip.

Last time the tyres are on Dutch tarmac, for a while..


And into the van.


An evening of beer then happened in Sander's rear garden and a night in Sander's spare room..


Stopped off at Rene's to pick up two extra engines at his lock up..


Then the 500 mile drive back over the Channel...108909084_10160180011267571_7849282639783178421_o.thumb.jpg.18a89423f6b996fddcaeb46541b4428e.jpg109307921_10160180011757571_6381312435484433733_o.thumb.jpg.16aee0d3d01860921d7452ab6652670d.jpg

and off to the MOT station first opportunity possible. Now to brave the UK registration bureaucracy...


Happy chappy here :)




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After a protracted false start where DVLA lost, or never received all the documentation pertaining to registration, I finally have a UK registration document and number. The weather was shit but a quick 85 mile blast to celebrate it's new found legal status. The GS can have it's number plate back now :pimp:





Cleaned and away waiting on slightly more clement weather.....

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crap spelling
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