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Harris Mag 2

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Thought I'd start a build thread as I'm going to pump a few £££'s into the old lassie and would love to enlist the help knowledge of you wonderful lot 

As before it's an '86 Q plated Mugnum 2 running a K7 Gsx1400 unit in her.

the general look I am aiming for is the old skool 80's Suzuki muscle.

ive been busy grafting a tl1000s front end on her with a gen1 busa wheel, on the look out for discs and a mudguard that will suit, also chasing a set of headlight brackets to house the gsx light but struggling to find a set I like, my rear sets and yokes are awesome looking she'd made slabs and was thinking a set of home cut slabish mounts would be the ticket.

Will upload pics with the tl front end when I get home.


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14 minutes ago, Dangerous said:

Would love a big block efe motor but I'm not made of money so have to make do with the motor she has. 

Need her on the road and teething problems ironed out for TT 2017 as she is to take me and the wife over. 


i like the look of that , i would like a gsx1400 motor for one of my harris builds ,i like it :tu

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10 hours ago, Neill666 said:

One I started a few years ago never finished as life n shit got in the way did have a FAT front end with k5 radial forks 

The front end was used for a slabside fighter build before I bought it, can't complain really for the price I got it at, will be born with a TLS front end for the time being or until the budget says otherwise 

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5 hours ago, Neill666 said:

The front end went onto yantosh's twin turbo slabby frame with the 240 rear when George got it didn't it ? 

Yeah it's on Yan's old frame but been reworked with a 190 front wheel and some other assorted blingy bits, turned out really nice.

Aye I begged George for a month to sell it to me once I realised he had it in his collection, was a hard slog prising it from him but he caved in and did me a good deal on it so really can't complain about doing a bit of hard graft to finish it.


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2 hours ago, Blubber said:



Another way to emphasize the old skool muscle look is to do this ;):  Add a gsx750 / 100 ET headlight to your beastie.







Now I really like the Look of this, always been a fan of the round headlight with twin clocks but the ET light would bring it back a generation (y)

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