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Got the smoker out today to do a bit of prep for the annual 2T Big Bang at the end of the month.

Power valve cables adjusted and covers off to clean out the oil residue, fitted the carbon mudguard I’ve had in a box for 2 years.

Gave the pipes a clean with some wd40 then stuck the plastics back on and took her round the block to check all’s good.






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A bit of good fortune today if you can call it that, I took my 2 year old Nitron R2 shock out for a preseason service.

Rang my suspension man to book it in and he asked for the shock details and said see you tomorrow.

Half an hour later he calls me back to say that shock you’ve got is the lower model R1, so for two years I’ve been running a cheaper shock than the one I paid for....bugger.I rang Nitron thinking they would fob me off, they asked me to send a picture and serial number on an email.I thought they wouldn’t do a lot, less than an hour later they rang me said they were sorry for the 2 year old error and are sending a courier to collect it and will now build me a brand new correct spec shock,bloody brilliant result good old fashioned customer service.


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Nice surprise from Nitron today,the proper shock that I paid for 2 years ago,great customer support and service.

Need to fit it when I get time to check the current ride height before I swap the original 18” wheel for a 17” off a VJ22 that’s been in the shed for a while now 9_9


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Mot booked so thought I best drag the smoker out and give her the once over,fired up ok but died straight away when warmed up as soon as I tried to test the electrics.Guess the battery is knackered so need a new one before next weekend.

The annual track outing is looming so knocked a few jobs off the list before the thunder and rain stopped play.

1/4 turn throttle tube fitted,new grips and the now compulsory brake lever guard.







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Mot passed a couple of weeks ago,spent a few hours today sweating in the sunshine.

30 year old coils,ht leads and caps replaced, short plugs fitted to ease removal due to the straight plug heads.Fitted some titanium calliper mounting bolts and a carbon oil pump cover after I lost my original last year when the screws came loose.Quick blast round the block in my shorts and T-shirt before refitting the fairing, all working fine.

Pricing up a cougar red clutch and new radial master cylinder to see which body parts I need to sell xD.







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Posted (edited)

Not started or rode the smoker since last July so dragged her out and took a couple of plug swaps to get her running right.

Fitted some NOS mirrors that I got off a mate over the winter pretty cheap to replace the shit Chinese copies 

Air in the tyres then a short blast to warm her up and stick some fresh fuel in,forgot about the grin factor still lifts the front wheel on the throttle with my lump on it :D New shock feels great even on the dodgy back roads.



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