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Swirl's Harris


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47 minutes ago, 370steve said:

GPS speedo not legal mate!! just saying :(

Not to bothered mate, fitted one to the Turbo Scratcher in spring, works a treat. No tunels or tall buildings round hear to upset it lol :ph34r:IMG_20201121_161239.thumb.jpg.1e440bc2c64a927ddb6318fd710cc7a6.jpg

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45 minutes ago, Dezza said:

That alloy electrics tray is going to get mightily hot. The one supplied with a frame kit from Harris was the same shape but made from fibreglass instead.

Its a fair point is that. It did have gsxr750 motor in last with same tray but engine was slightly lower. Might fit some heat shield underneath. 

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Wasn't happy with the rocker cover breather so made a new one out of 13mm id silocon pip 15mm copper sleeves stuck together with flexible polyurethane adhesive for the first part. 2nd part is back to an8 fittings. IMG_20201127_155830.thumb.jpg.8c341943d2c7a06b497770a125734755.jpgIMG_20201127_162222.thumb.jpg.ba65cad83166635311f6227f626bc0cb.jpgIMG_20201127_163144.thumb.jpg.7543c902c5723228b7169b848de962b6.jpgIMG_20201127_163017.thumb.jpg.ee9abd1b360654467ec8178045d329ac.jpgIMG_20201127_171116.thumb.jpg.330be3d4b649ae87b1da6948ef210092.jpgIMG_20201127_171130.thumb.jpg.00324a62daa70df04834830eec69ff93.jpgIMG_20201127_171140.thumb.jpg.87c207c3f0a11217344a2394a642ba96.jpgIMG_20201127_171213.thumb.jpg.1198b00a8b42956b3bc69dc826477121.jpgIMG_20201127_171228.thumb.jpg.d317bc90efe0e9e98cbea0fa74503acf.jpgIMG_20201127_171558.thumb.jpg.8ed69ec1cb67b377af3c2482d5a4fb59.jpg

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