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On 3/28/2020 at 4:01 PM, clivegto said:

Shaped another 14 alen head bolts up for the 1127 sump. Put most of it together for a mockup, free wheeled down the ramp out of the shed (YEEEHAAA) to take some pictures. IMG_20200328_154349.thumb.jpg.b234bc210a061c1c82eb81a94aecb298.jpgIMG_20200327_162135.thumb.jpg.c88ff7a09fda82f1418f45e069fcf8f2.jpgIMG_20200327_162638.thumb.jpg.9f35c676009da9ec3c838af43a9a6ef4.jpgIMG_20200327_162048.thumb.jpg.5d680248382c16126c178a3b9965ea2e.jpgIMG_20200327_162406.thumb.jpg.742a0f4b77dc339e538ef584f095e970.jpgIMG_20200327_162457.thumb.jpg.5979aa7aff4092fbaaa82bdace824e87.jpgIMG_20200327_162157.thumb.jpg.7b59287f0d169de87ff8b11f35c98b38.jpgIMG_20200327_164450.thumb.jpg.197c0cff4f94f3889ad25e5d53d16038.jpg

can`t wait to se this finished. Is that a CBR 600 r fairing I see attached to the front ?

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1 hour ago, clivegto said:

 Also been told its a good idea to fit a brass Bush as the aluminum soon wears. 

Not sure where that rumour has come from as pretty much every oil pump using this design, runs steel 'gears' in aluminium housings and they run for years, usually only failing due to 'foreign bodies' going through them. Maybe 'soft' aluminium was used and hence wear occured? I'd be tempted to use HE30 / 6000 series for better machinability?

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Made a couple of little brackets to hold the top of the faring/headlight oil cooler bracket to the top yoke. Picked a couple of vintage brand new road runner spot lights up for £10. Billet mounting bracket was designed to be able to change the lighting arrangement round easily if I want to. I knocked a bracket up for the spotlights, quite like the look of the spots. IMG_20200523_150949.thumb.jpg.44b3634695956e5a14dfb2ebdb27b60a.jpgIMG_20200523_155348.thumb.jpg.a1a19821ce03891366fffdf8b2680837.jpgIMG_20200523_130017.thumb.jpg.a891333692429af00a30c8ba240f511a.jpgIMG_20200523_155542.thumb.jpg.a24500ee524d5f71501250b4fac50cab.jpgIMG_20200523_160155.thumb.jpg.52bd145b576788d4c265c78f179aca8e.jpgIMG_20200523_160618.thumb.jpg.41839b3816ab0d56b47ffec0c04979f8.jpgIMG_20200523_160351.thumb.jpg.edc483f7c6eaa44b890366fc1892780f.jpg

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Drilled some holes in the spotlights bracket to allow more air flow to the oil cooler. Also matches the bottom oil cooler bracket looks oldskool as well & part of the weight saving programme. Bike does feel light when I am sat on it. IMG_20200524_150200.thumb.jpg.5bb9571c4b00050fa4f4090a4e6ea5c8.jpgIMG_20200524_151150.thumb.jpg.30d494ff232b2d4e9be4e320e5269592.jpgIMG_20200524_153250.thumb.jpg.2182c650c24e9c16722fb4711c00ad83.jpgIMG_20200524_153324.thumb.jpg.e62cf5033f1d51c3d2a6cee2fd224c65.jpgIMG_20200524_154237.thumb.jpg.bbef3197cae22ee98efc005ff21cf1fe.jpg

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Sam made me the parts for a extended clutch cover for a lock-up clutch like on my other bike but I cut the back of this one off at a angle so it sits more square when you are looking at the bike. Got my mate Will at Weab Motors to weld it up he also welded the first stage of the plenum up at the same time. IMG_20200527_163933.thumb.jpg.89c2bced2609e45f68fcee34499c5fc0.jpgIMG_20200527_163916.thumb.jpg.2bdac8e77dd0692198792fdd7ba10b0e.jpgIMG_20200525_150855.thumb.jpg.afd1de835820550716903a8bd831ebd6.jpgIMG_20200525_151214.thumb.jpg.5ebb2092419120b21129a5cef93e81ee.jpgIMG_20200525_151945.thumb.jpg.f0dbbe2afda8b21ce27732ece2e9d19c.jpgIMG_20200527_163826.thumb.jpg.82a13ac4c753d733e92137b320b49294.jpgIMG_20200527_163856.thumb.jpg.60752b5bdd396fb4e692c8ecd8ee9eec.jpgIMG_20200527_164421.thumb.jpg.a7aa1ff877af11230550e2c5100c288d.jpgIMG_20200527_164513.thumb.jpg.4e80f8a74999c53f91d5b5131f30a248.jpg

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