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Dyno Day is Go! What you need to know ...


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7 minutes ago, mick-ne said:

Great day, It was really good to put faces to the names. Many thanks to all I met for making me feel so welcome and good banter.

Nice to meet you Mick,now get that ET built and turboed!

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Good to see you all again. 

Super busy weekend! So prior to the dyno day I had a leaky barrel that has plagued the bike since it was built, looks like someone had been a bit heavy with a pry bar at some point but never mind we can fix and make do, so with a freshly rebuilt motor sacrificing parts from my other build I had a bike without a proper set up. 

Took the Friday off work to run round getting Avgas and other bits and pieces. Setup the clutch and finish all the little jobs and fitted the new motor back in.

Saturday and I was up damn early..image.jpeg


I decided to book an early dyno session with Dan to get some data on the new setup, this ment leaving before the sun came up to be in Bingham for 08:30, even got to watch the sun rise. 


Arriving at 7:30 I had time to fit the full exhaust system and swap the fuel over to Avgas. 


Dan arrives at 08:30 and the bike is strapped in 


Poor show. 220bhp poor, the fuelling was way out and the bike then decided to have an oil leak all overs Dans shiny new dyno. 

"Il be back"..... *gets on the blower ....

"ello Davvveeeeee".....

Mad dash over to SPR to get some jets after breakfast with @Havoc and a roadside recovery for @Paulm

First things first, oil leak, turns out on of the APE studs had stripped (that's twice now). Dave got the glue gun out image.jpeg

mans promptly set fire to the offending stud 


It was promptly replaced with a new stud and nut. Now about this time most of you would of been 3 pints in thinking about ordering a cheeky bag of roasted peanuts at the Horse & Plough. Not us, Sam Dunlop made a lovely meal and we were back on it.


Quick jet change based on info taken from my sly dyno run early Saturday morning and it was test ride time, no leaks, great success. Still rich though, big turbo bike wailing down country back roads ain't ideal but at that moment in time necessary.


Loopie being Loopie found a giggle box on the shelf of many things, didn't take five seconds to plumb that in.... Suns going down now, no headlight... Test ride.... Hello Moto... Now we are talking! It's getting late. 

Across town @vizman is probably on his third story about the good old days at sea. Not us, we're keen driven enthusiasts hell bent on blowing shit up. Few odds and sods and buttoned up and I was ready for bed. 


Up early, fresh as a daisy and popped over to RTR motorcycles. 

First run, still too rich, lean it out. Again. 

It was at this point I should of stopped for a butty. 

Two final runs of 296bhp & 298bhp back to back! 



Proof of all the hard work my Me and Dave. 

Fueling spot on too! 

So a busy put very productive weekend! So if I didn't stop and say hi you may understand why. 

Great event, we should keep doing these events! 

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