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Throttle body spacing

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I am guessing they are a detuned gsxr600 based motor. And as such should just need spacing in the middle to suit, so the fact they are cast in 2 pairs bolted together in the middle should still be alright for respacing onto an oil cooled motor. They are SO much cheaper to get hold of than the K1 to K3 TB's.

Anyone know what diameter they are?

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2011 GSX650F are exactly the same as 1250 only the injectors are BLUE for 650 (1250 injectors are green). Body length 110mm, spacing 80-100-80, engine side 36mm ID 42mm OD, filter side 44mm ID 48mm OD. 

Here they are compared to GSX1100 34mm CV carbs



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On 9/14/2020 at 10:12 AM, Wee Man said:

Welcome to OSS @Jmckechnie

Please take time to do an introduction in the General Chat section. Oh and add pics, we like pics. But you'd best RTFR, especially when it comes to calling certain 600's Katanas. 

Hey Wee Man, I guess I’ve been visiting this site and lurking in the dark long enough to feel like I’m already part of the crew but still didn’t learn enough to RTFR.. oops. Thanks for the reality check. 

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Thats valuable info, much appreciated. Do you know the throttlebody ID for the 1250F? I’m thinking the 650f would be best for my application. I’ve already learned the tribulations of tuning a bike with monster throttle bodies , I’ll avoid that in the future if possible haha. 


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