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Harris magnum 2 but modern

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so one foot forward , two steps back , new rear axle , new rear disc , why does it not fit ?

the missing link is a hub to disc holder ,

all the below items are for stressed area so must be genuine mv agusta f4

cant see them being cheap 

4 x bolt 

4 x bolts 

4 x nuts 


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2 hours ago, Mar71n said:

Ash  just read this through & it`s shaping up well, good blend of old & new. looking forward to the colour scheme.

Have you got an acrow holding up the roof?

thanks mar71n  its getting nearer every week ,

acro is helping the wood re shape as it had a leak but now has full metal new roof mate .;) i just need too buy a 15 ft beam to slot through to support it 

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8 hours ago, Dezza said:

The front end will look really cool when it's all done. Is the MV wheel a lightweight job? I like the design as it's sort of old-fashioned but not old-fashioned, which fits perfectly with the overall aim of the build.

the front wheel is light weight but not like yours dezza mine is from production bike , its coming along slowly but i am in no rush . paint job will be winter . if its ready i might take this build to stafford in october 

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