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Harris magnum 2 but modern

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ok story started at xmas as i collected the harris magnum 2 from scotland , after buying it and it was period correct all the right bits , i decided to do that as a honest re fresh not a nut and bolt restoration .my plans have not changed and that build will get updated soon hopefully .


so on to thiis one , had pictures emailed too me 


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On 12/04/2016 at 7:36 PM, busa ash said:

Will add pics when on pc 

Got offered a project from a member of the owners club so i will be picture heavy when on pc . 


Idea is no frame mods but modern front and rear radial brakes . Modern wheels . Old skool paint scheme but with a modern colours 

I didn't know there was a Harris owners club. Any details? The old club was disbanded over 20 years ago and became the Street Specials Owners Club

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I know where there's a breathed on (heavily I suspect, but no idea of the specs) GS1000 race engine. Needs a dash of lead in the fuel to stop it pinking, so something going on in there. Head has certainly been ported. It fell out of a successful club racing P&M,  surplus to requirements. Drop me a line if it sounds interesting.

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