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OSS Dyno Day July 31st , Nottingham.


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There are few points in a bike build that have more potential for self back patting and/or self loathing than the inaugural visit to the dyno man.  It is the place where  a curved line graph and 3 magic digits coldly define the fruits of a long winter spent chasing those elusive extra horses.

Dyno runs don't normally come cheap but thanks to OSS member Havoc ( Tom Davidson) we have secured the use of a dyno  for a day provided by RTR in Nottingham . Dyno sessions will be 20-25 minutes for just £25. Each dyno run will come with a full print out as well as on hand advice from RTR's proprietor.

The date for the planned dyno day will be Sunday the 31st of July starting at 10am and it will be held at RTR Motorcycles,  7 Moorbridge Road, Bingham, Nottingham NG13 8GG. The venue is just 2 units down from Allens Performance so we will try to arrange carb jets to be available for tweaks between runs. 

In order to make the day financially viable we'll need 12 people so once we have 12 people paid up the event will go ahead. If we don't have 12 people by the end of May we wont do the event. Details on how to sign up and pay can be found below. If we have more than 12 people and our costs are covered  any surplus will go to the air ambulance fund.

Tom has also arranged for a catering van so that members can keep up their strength on the day.

If you are looking for a dyno run to set up your bike or you just want to know what it's pushing out at the back wheel £25 is not a lot of money.

If you want to take part  please make an  advance payment by PayPal of £25  terriblethunderlizards@gmail.com When you pay by PayPal select " send money to family or friends" not ."goods and services".

When you select family and friends it will not automatically load your name. So in the comments section please include the following: Your site name and your real name. If we get to the magic number of participants the event will go ahead. If we don't get sufficient numbers the event wont proceed and we will refund anyone who has paid.

Posting here that you want to go and not making the required payment will be regarded as "wishful thinking" and ignored. Cash talks

Naturally we will start a competition where members can claim a rear wheel and or an at the crank BHP figure, before we start and depending on the results we might resurrect the OSS bullshit award for the difference in the dyno result.

Please bear in mind that your bike's mechanical well being  is entirely your own  responsibility and OSS takes no responsibility for mechanical failure  or any resulting mechanical damage that may occur  during your dyno run.

Havoc will be around to answer any questions in the meantime.


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It should be a great day out and an opportunity to loaf around with fellow reprobates.  What better way is there to spend a Sunday. No one should feel intimidated and any competition would just be for fun and if you don't want to take part or publish your results that's fine.

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No Bullshit award was posted to wee John Mclean after my epic run of success over the years. Going to check my diary to see if I can attend and Win the fucker back :)

John was involved in organising the last one. Question. 2002 suzuki with an oilcooled donk going to cut it? May be well to clarify the rules on this given event.


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At this stage a Suzuki is a Suzuki although I shall be guided by the Admins. From my point of view the event happening is the primary objective with as many OSS bikes as possible, but OSS people with other Oldskool type bikes to make up numbers is a possibility? I personally wouldn't be interested in seeing any stock modern stuff, Kev has set the bench mark on this dyno @ 328bhp  ;) on his Slingy.  There has been interest from the Turbo mob although most of those guys are on here as well.

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Told off
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The track day event at Cadwell is a bigger event with other bikes. We are using it as an opportunity to meet up as Members. We could never afford our own track day.

The same rules apply  here. At this  stage we are offering OSS members a £25.00 dyno run and a chance to while away a Sunday afternoon with like minded souls. Other makes of bike will participate because it's not our dyno, we haven't booked it up front. We are just group buying slots.

Who and what we feature in the write ups afterwards are the only control we have. The main goal here is to provide cheap dyno runs to members, have some fun and let everyone read about it afterwards.

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On the competition details thing this wont be bottomed out until we know if the event will go ahead. I remember the old competition but we haven't decided how a resurrected one would run.

A no bullshit award would be as Rene said the person with the least difference from what was declared and what the dyno run said.

A bullshit award would go to the person with the bike with most difference between the declared figure and what  the dyno run  said.

Which one are you gunning for Mark?

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33 minutes ago, vizman said:

you can turn up on the bus if you like, but i'll have no chit-chat about your bus journey on here.


....which is probably what i'll be doing seen as I don't own a Suzuki!

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48 minutes ago, vizman said:

i'd like to see your kat on the dyno tom..........rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb

Yeah right..:/.....EZ will be on :tu




Although I do have several months ;)





Nah, no chance....

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12 minutes ago, minx said:

I'm a definite for a dyno run. Let's see what a standard slabby with a small snail can kick out :) 

at least i'll have someone to talk to on the bus ride home......

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