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Have I got the correct carb repair kit ?

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Bought a set of tourmax carb repair kits, for my ‘99 mk1 bandit, float valves/seats, O rings etc,

kits were advertised as fitting the bandit, but the package only mentions gsxr 750/1100 w, part number cab-s9,

done a bit of interweb searching and there is another listed kit for my ‘99 bandit, cab-s9v, 

anyone know if the two kits are actually different, it’s really just the float valves and seats that I’m concerned about,have seen both kits advertised as fitting the bandit, but know from experience that online retailers can make mistakes 

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Thanks Nick, 

that’s just the sort of information I was looking for, but couldn’t find,

where did you find that ? Would be good to cross reference the cab-s19 kit with the cab-s9

seems there’s plenty of retailers listing the cab-s9 and can-s9v as compatible with’96-‘00 1200 bandits, wonder if they use same float valve assembly as the cab-s19 ?

just finished fitting the kit that I bought, not refitted the carbs to the bike yet, the new valves did look slightly different to the ones that I removed, but don’t know if they were the originals, several previous owners have been in there before me

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