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83 GS1100E Brake Caliper Axle Dust Boot??

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Long time lurker, first time poster - thanks for all the help! I'm slowly overhauling an 83 GS100E and I'm working on the brakes but I've run into a snag. I ordered a couple seal kits from nichecycle.com and the piston seal and dust boot fit fine, but the caliper axle dust boots do not - too big. From searching around online, I found that they are no longer manufactured and I haven't been able to find anybody that has some in stock. It looks like the ones included in the kit would work for any other GS, just not the 1100E. Pictures are attached. I'm corresponding with Chaparral Motorsports to see if they can supply a substitue and I've started researching custom molding out of desperation. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. 




dust boots.jpg

Screenshot 2024-06-05 111234.png

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Your 1100e... does it have a round tube frame or Square with the 1135cc engine in it.

A lot of the websites mistake the esd ( first ) for an efe ( latter ) add in the fun with EU or US market and you are bound to have some non fitting parts

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Round tube with the 1076cc engine. The the VIN plate is marred right where it shows the last characters of the model but it is listed as 1100ez in the service manual. Suzuki part no. 59312-49000 is listed as the correct part and looks correct from photos, but I can't find a company with it in stock and it is listed as no longer in production by all the part finders. I've been corresponding with Chaparral Moto who have been very responsive, but unable to find anything suitable. I have an order in with a company called IMPEX Japan that specializes parts sourced from directly from Japan but it will be 1-2 weeks before I'll know if they can find it.

It's such a silly little thing to hold up my project (and the last thing to before it's rideable) but I can't ride around with the caliper axles exposed to elements. 

I just had a thought... The reason I need the specific dust boot is because one end needs seat into the mounting bracket which holds the boot in place as the caliper moves while the other end wraps around a special nut the secures the axle to the caliper. The second end that wraps around the nut fits okay (too small, but it works). It's the other end that's the problem. Do you think I could use an adhesive to secure that end to the mounting bracket since it is too big to fit into the seat?

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Superglue works really well with rubber. Just make sure both surfaces are super clean. And don't expect to being able to remove it in one piece xD

I had to glue my carb boots to the air box because they had shrunken really badly. I replaced them just a few months later with some 3D-printed ones but by then the glue was still holding like nobodys business.

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Unfortunately, that is the only one I have in usable condition. The rest were ripped or melted.

The IMPEX Japan company I mentioned in my last post could not get anything from their suppliers and refunded my order.

I found this https://www.motorcycleproducts.co.uk/brake-caliper-boots-suzuki-59312-49000/1/001089 and ordered a set which actually shipped! I'll update on whether or not they work. 

Thanks for the link! It's hard to tell if those are the correct ones or not from the pic on the website. It looks possible and I'll be trying that next if the above doesn't work. 

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I’ve been using Partzilla in the USA.


I do use suppliers in the UK and AU too but Partzilla have sourced stuff the others can’t. I’m rural Australia so the postage is a bit salty but they are very easy to deal with, can get a huge range of stuff, and their tracking is very good. 

EDIT: Sorry. As you said, “unavailable”


Same here in Australia…



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Good news! The parts I ordered from https://www.motorcycleproducts.co.uk/brake-caliper-boots-suzuki-59312-49000/1/001089 arrived and are a correct fit. The description said they were in packs of five, but I didn't trust that and went ahead and ordered four to be safe. They are indeed packs of five so I have a copious amount of dust boots.  I will keep a backup set for myself, but if anybody else has the same trouble in the future, let me know and I might be able to hook you up.

I agree that Partzilla is good and is one of the first places I look. Thanks for all the help!


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