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MotoMartin spine frame GsxR1127cc engine


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12 minutes ago, captain chaos said:

may I ask why number 68 on your bike? Do you live in Haut-Rhin? :v

OhOh !  Well done !
Seems that France wasn't unknow for you captain chaos !

Haut Rhin (dept68) is my birthplace & 68 my birthyear.

Actualy installed in West of France ( Brittany/Cornouaille/29)


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So, year after years, i've continued to ride this bike.
I've an opportunity to collect a fiberglass fairing from MotoMartin. This time, it was  a CBX model. Paint it in black...Never want to have a to shiny bike. Prefer a rought look with some good performance instead of the reverse.^_^
Made nothing special... Installed seat base 3 cms higher. Fitted AVON sport tyres.
It was in 2008.

08-poutre1127cc SNC10463.JPG

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23 hours ago, IanC said:

Cool bike! Not sure I'll like the next bit though, sounds vaguely familiar. 

I imagine what you're thinking about ! ;)

SO...let's see what happened after.
After what ? Did you ask me ?
After i crashed it lamentably in a ditch in border of the road...:$ after a superb braking, that i was try to make to a Buddy... and If it had passed, what great braking ! 
Cost me :
- bended fork
- destroyed front Wheel
- screen & fairing
- brake lever & right handlebar
- ignition crankcase cover
- footrest & brake pédal

- 2 beautiful bumps in the alloy fuel tank
 -5mm were removed from the top of my old Shoei helmet...
And a lot of scratch everywhere...on the bike & pilot (me!)
All this is very classic...for all of who have know this kind of scenary... cost me a lot of sarcastic comments during the few month who have followed this drama...
This is a picture...just after the first wash, for removing all the mud on the bike.


09-2009-06 Poutre1127ccchutegourin Photo0325.jpg

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After some more hot alert & discussion with 3 friends It appeared that our best chance of surviving was to move our favorite occupation on the track.
Age of reason ? Maybe...
We concentrated us on classics events. No question to run with the "Pro" in a competition... Objective was Just to ride on a track with our homemade bike. (in fact 3 MotoMartin)
Things like "BolOrClassic" offered possibility to have some fun on two wheels betwen the 2 official race.
Friends make some test during 2 years...and i decided to try my hability with my MotoMartin... instead to see the fun they had from the side of the track...
First impression were great. Track like "Magny Cours" or "LeMans" are really great place.

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Hello Yann welcome to the site, I really like your bike, I am a fan of Joe Bar  and your bike reminds me of that, (I know I'm not the first to say it) I have only seen one Martin of this frame type in real life and that was on the back of a trailer, very cool to see yours getting used properly!!! I have a later style Martin myself with a turbo'd 1100F engine and other upgrades.

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Thanks for your nice comment Robinjo.

I've another MotoMartin with a GS1000 engine, but it will be great to see  upgrades you've done on your's.;)

Yes, this very first version from G.Martin are not the best knows...But i must recognise they are my favourite.

JoeBar story are directly inspired by the life style from the seventies and situations lived by the French (and other) rider during this period...You can easy find a situation in your self life that match with this, i think ! ^_^

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