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turbo build 2023

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After 15 months in a workshop, I am convinced the bike does like going outside.

So many problems have happened and as soon as I fix one thing, something else has come along. Now I have overcome all those, I thought the road testing and tuning would be the easy part.

I had 2 days of dry weather and time off work and the bike now has an MOT and insurance and road tax. :)

Day 1 and I did a few road tests. A couple of times the bike just stopped and then started immediately and there was some poor throttle response. You could see on the fuel map where Autotune was doing its thing and I could feel the improvements.

Day 2 and did a compression test and that was all good. Fuel filter was inspected and cleaned I checked the spark plugs and then closed the gap up a tiny amount. I put the Megasquirt into test mode and all the sparks looked strong and good. Rode it for about 15 miles and all seemed ok and then it stopped again. It started up straight away and was good for a few miles, even hitting a bit of boost. But this was followed by more spluttering and the engine cut out again.

I took the injectors out and I have sent them to be checked or, if it is not too expensive, I will get some others that are more suited to the size of the engine. It's running dark blue 565cc/min injectors from a Subaru WRX which is 2.5 litre compared to my 1216cc and whilst they came out of a running car, I have no idea of their history. I have done a couple of static fuel tests in the past and while they are putting out approximately the same amount, it is not proof that all is 100%.

I'm guessing it is not a wiring issue so fingers crossed.




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3 points - quite big injectors for engine size & state of tune - my 1460 used 8x205cc for 370hp. 2nd if the fuel filter is capable of disassembly I'd say it's not suited for efi as they should filter in 5-10 micron range and normally not serviceable. 3rd - I use std JR9B's in above bike but have used JR10C's with nitrous.

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Also using stock  JR9B. Used  iridium plugs before a while ago also in a turbo bike  and 2 of those were killed rather quickly, fortunately debris left the engine ok but turbine blades took a hit. 

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As suggested, I have fitted a paper cartridge fuel filter and changed the injectors to Subaru light blues 440cc. This has really helped. I relocated the Lambda sensor closer to the turbo and all seems ok. More gremlins have plagued me as I temporarily lost sparks but thanks to Arttu, the fault was diagnosed and corrected.

Since then, I have been doing a lot of road testing and the fuel map seems to be at a point now where the motor seems very happy. Cold start and warm up enrichment needs some work but it fires up ok. I will start monitoring how much fuel it is using as I'm sure the mpg figure is shite.

Never having ridden a boosted bike before, the power that is available is just nuts. And very, very addictive. :)

I need to add a small amount of weight to the lock up clutch but all the oil has stayed in the engine and still nothing has fallen off.

So that's it. Months and months of work and doing many jobs that I have never undertaken before has been well worth it.

If anything blows up, I will let you know.

Give Arttu a shout if you want to try the EFI option over carbs.

Fuel injection rocks. (y)

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