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83 GR650 Rectifier Regulator

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Hello everyone ! First post on here, hoping I came to and am posting in the right place. I was gifted this bike a year ago, it was running then but the person who gave it to me was leaving town and had only owned it for a few weeks and didnt put any work into it. However I was told the only problem it had was that the battery would not charge properly. It could be started by jumping it but once the cables were removed it would die right out. Yes, the battery is for sure shot but after doing some research I do believe that the rectifier regulator is to blame. I am reluctant to put a new battery in before replacing the rectifier since I think the bad rectifier could ruin a new battery. I tested the rectifier last fall using a multi meter and it seemed like it was sending way to much juice to the battery.  I am planning on purchasing a new replacement however in the factory service manual the rectifier shown in the section that outlines the testing procedure the rectifier looks different than mine. Also most of the ones Ive found online look more like the one in the manual- which has a series on connection tabs at the bottom of the unit. The one that is currently installed on my bike has a single plug in the bottom that is not removable. The wires are hardwired into the harness nearby. I will try to attach a pic or two of what is currently on the bike. Hoping for some guidance on which replacement to get. Thank yall very much for any suggestions or help ! Looking forward to learning more around here.



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A duff RR can't harm a new battery unless it is either over or under charging! You will not be able to determine either scenario without a running engine - 5 minutes will suffice and for that you'll need a battery! It is more than likely the RR is dead and not outputting any meaninful voltage in which case you'll need one of them as well! Avoid Chinese Eblag RR's ! ! ! They are cheap for a reason !

I note also the old Suzuki wiring of one alternator leg to the light switch circuit ! ! ! This is best modified to run all 3 alt outputs to the battery and then run the lights from the fusebox, Ignition switched side. This is a better and more reliable way of charging the battery / running the lights / saving the RR cooking itself!

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Thank you sir ! Excellent avatar as well. Fantastic information here. I will check out the wiring diagram in the service manual to figure out how to wire things like you outlined. When I tested the RR last fall with the engine running I seemed to remember it overcharging ? I was looking at the Ricks brand of RR. Most decent ones appear to come in around 90-100 I just want to make certain I get the correct part. Like I said there are both available, ones that look similar to what I currently have and also a version that looks more similar to whats shown in the service manual (has tabs on the bottom instead of a plug)

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Hello, and welcome

IMO  get a new stator and regulator. Old wires and electronics in harsh environment are ready for a swap. If not you might get the domino effect: change one thing, than this affect the next thing after a short period of time. At least check all connections, and treat with anti corrosive, and electrical grease after cleaning. 

New rr is not that expensive (avoid cheap stuff). A lot of good information in this forum for upgrades.

Ricksmotorsportelectronics in the US have a few options for upgrades.

Wemoto.com in the UK is also recommended, cheaper than ricks.


Looking forward for updates 



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Thanks @jensvonbustenskjoldI went ahead and ordered the Ricks motorsports RR last night. Im gonna wait on the stator, since the $100 I just spent on the RR plus the $120 that the battery will cost me at Wal has me wanting to see how it runs first. It ran and was used as a daily driver less than 2 years ago however I dont think the PO was a great wrench. I had it running while connected to my truck via jumper cables last summer. Since then Ive pulled out the carbs, disassembled and cleaned them well. I also replaced the throttle cable which I broke while trying to start it last summer. I have the tank off now and am going to use white vinegar and baking soda along with either some gravel or some washers to clean the rust out of the inside. I used a tank cleaner on it last summer which worked well but it re rusted over the winter. Once the tank is re cleaned and back on I will re install the carbs, as well as the new RR and battery then finally get to see what Im working with ! 

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Not a super sexy looking bike, kinda awkward appearance wise. I can see why the PO had decided to try to go Cafe style with it. He had good intentions just no foresight or follow through. He removed the Tempter trim and fenders and also chopped the rear portion of the frame. It has a square steel frame bolted on top of the remaining section of original frame. Has a flat cafe style seat, Ive seen this style for real cheap on the web. Lots of work if I want to commit to fully making it the way I want it. At the least I will get it running smooth and try to sell it so I can start a new project. Depends how deep I get in this one. Ive been known to obsess. LOL


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Mtntrogger said:

 I have the tank off now and am going to use white vinegar and baking soda along with either some gravel or some washers to clean the rust out of the inside. I used a tank cleaner on it last summer which worked well but it re rusted over the winter.

I hope you realize that mixing baking soda with vinegar just neutralises the acid in vinegar & makes basically water?

Try using a citric acid solution.

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