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Do I need to hone bores if reusing pistons and piston rings

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I'm in the process of stripping down my engine for cerokote, it's my first time doing so I'm learning along the way, due to money unfortunately I can't spend too much on it so when I rebuild it I'm having to just fit the existing pistons and piston rings back in. 

I bench tested the compression on a cold engine and I had 150 on all 4, so I thought that was OK.

The cylinders are glazed and pretty shiny which I've researched isn't what they should be. 

I'm just checking if I should do I hone on the barrels before I fit the pistons back in or is it best just to refit with the shiny barrels?

Ideally I'd like new rings and maybe get them +1mm re bored but don't think I can afford it. 

It's on my gsxr750 1985 

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the new thinking is after some time the bores will smooth out and give a better seal with the rings which is what you want, if you hone them they will have to bed back in again. if it was mine I'd just fit them back in as is as you have good compression. 

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Thanks everyone for your advice, I think I'll do with your suggestions and re fit as is, after going through all this effort I just hope I don't regret not refreshing the bores and rings but after pricing them up its out of my budget right now unfortunately. 

Just need to strip the head down now and check it all over. 

I was surprised with the amount of bodging I found while stripping it down lol, some case bolts missing, some m6 holes plugged up to stop oil coming through and some terrible heli coiling but I've managed to repair it all so far. 

Cheers boys

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