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Carb conundrum

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Apologies for long post, hope it makes sence, basically I'm checking valve clearance's on my GS1000, i noticed all the plugs are a light grey, although not done a plug chop my last ride was on track so was wondering if i needed to richen it up slightly so i checked main jet sizes

Cylinder 1 = 127.5

Cylinder 2 = 145

Cylinder 3= 127.5

Cylinder 4 =142.5

As i mentioned all plugs identical colour, bike starts on the button, crisp throttle response, very smooth from idle to redline, exhaust tip light grey, its only because I'll be doing more track time this year i was considering a richer mix but with all the different jet sizes maybe I'll leave it, any advice appriciated 











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Sorry no manual, i never realised that the jets can be different sizes, and yes all over the place but running well


No your right, not standard carbs,and breathing pipercross airfilters, am hoping someone can tell me what there from

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That is a puzzle ! I've run different MJ's between 1/4 and 2/3 for reason mentioned above but only 4 points on the DJ jetting. Plug colour is difficult to monitor these days - porcelain colour is unrelable with unleaded fuels IMO - I go by the outer thread face . . . . . and it appears your 'weaker' jetted ones are richest ! ! ! Possibly someone has been in there and drilled out the jets so you can't depend on the numbers . . . . It may have been dyno'd with that as its corrected set-up, if its running good, I wouldn't touch it! 

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Thank you all for your great input and time,as mentioned above, as its running so well i shall leave it for now but i do have 4 x new 132.5 jets that i might fit just to see what happens,  i also now vaguely recall the previous owner saying he spent alot of time setting the carbs up, but shrugged it off as usual selling bike banter, but now i believe it could be true (y)

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I would be happy with the colour of them plugs, strange jetting set up I’ve not come across before, we live and learn, I would also confirm actual hole sizes as who knows if they’ve been drilled.

like you say though if it runs great why mess with it.

Deffo not std carbs though but would be interested to establish what they are off.

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