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Bought a 750 W for parts, now I’m thinking about keeping it.

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So this popped up for sale for $200 last month and I grabbed it primarily for the swing arm, brakes, straight spoke wheels, and the Yosh carbon exhaust. Now I keep thinking about keeping it and building it back up, but the 750s were big fat pigs. Do the W 1100 engines drop in to the 750 frames as easily as the oil cooled ones? I’ve been checking Eblag and the W 1100 engines here in the states are going for about $1800. Any other easy mods with the Ws? This is newest GSXR I’ve ever owned. Any easy swing arm upgrades? 








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1 minute ago, TJS said:

Brakes and rotor are a sweet find! Strange for them to be on a road bike, not a track bike!?!?!?!?

Yeah, the brakes and rotors were the first thing I spotted that made me want to grab it. Nothing else on the bike even says track bike to me, all fairly stock other than the white paint over what I'm guessing was a blue and white bike.


Are the 92/93 banana swing arms interchangeable with the 94/95 braced swing arms? I've got a banana swing arm that I want to swap out for that braced one.

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All the WP-WS bikes have basically the same rear linkage and swing arm geometry as the Slingshots, that's mot to say it all swaps directly between bikes as spindle and bolt size vary.  But SRAD on swingarms will have the same issue on WP-WS as slingshots when it comes to the linkage and shock mount.

Engine wise. 750 and 1100 engines swap between the frame no problem. The later WR-WS bike had a top brace to the cylinder head on both 1100 and 750s.   Late engines fit the earlier frames, just don't run the top brace.  The late frames were thinner and lighter, hence the brace, so an earlier engine without the mounting boss on the head may not be a good idea.

The 750 head on the RF900 motor is a cheap quick up grade. though the RF is only 5speed.   Used to be able to get big bore kits to take the 750 out to 903cc, which was a real sleeper back in the day.  Probably makes more sense than an rf900 swap.

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On 12/14/2022 at 1:29 PM, Upshotknothole said:

Are the 92/93 banana swing arms interchangeable with the 94/95 braced swing arms? I've got a banana swing arm that I want to swap out for that braced one.

94/95 uses a larger swingarm pivot bolt. The usual trick when fitting the braced arm to an earlier bike is to use the early bearing inner and spacer inside the later bearings and spacer. Obviously this won't work going the other way, the only way I can think to make it work is having threaded adaptors machined to adapt the early pivot bolt to the later frame.

As mentioned, the head braces have to be discarded or cut and shut for an 1100 or RF900 bottom end swap (allegedly this will make it floppier than a WN, as the frame wall thickness was reduced on the WP). Early 1100W engines don't have the boss for the head braces.

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You best keep that braced arm in there.  Rf900 is awesome with the 750 head and carbs.  As you already have the the right head for the frame brace. They did a 999cc kit for the rf9 too. should find one stateside as they were made there. If any still on the shelves. Nice find for 200! (y)

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Closer look at your frame, it seems you have the 94/95 model. banana arm wont fit easily as your frame has a 25mm shaft, banana arms are 20mm.  If you want newer forks from a gsxr, go for the 1000's , 750's will be too short. Shorter dog bones (2mm) will put more weight bias on the front for a better feeling, tho everyone likes the bike set up different.

I have found the 5 speed box of the 900 to be fine with the extra torque One tooth less on front on mine. 750's needed that extra gear. they feel like a 2 stoke compared to the 900.

As for the frame. the wn/wp are not that stiff. I could feel it twist at higher speeds changing direction. That extra brace on the later 94/95 bikes probably makes a noticeable difference. (reminds me of the seventies bikes! Oh them memories.)

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