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GSX 1100/750 frame tube thickness.


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1 minute ago, wraith said:

Well there you go, I was of the understanding that the 750 had a thinner tube than the 1100.

Good info mate (y)

I reckon it's one of those things that started out as a question somewhere and Chinese whispers took over. I've heard it loads of times but never had the opportunity to get at cut tubes on both together. It's like all the "it's a straight swap" or "that'll give you 20 hp" things you read and hear which are absolute certainties, until you actually do them then find it's bollocks. xD

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8 hours ago, imago said:

Just an FYI while I have an 1100 and a 750 (1980 & 1981) frame sat here with bits chopped off exposing tube ends. The tube diameter and wall thickness is identical between them.

That’s what I always expected but it’s good to have proof not suspicion. 

What are the differences ? 

Footpeg hanger mounts ? 

Swingarm pivot diameter ? 

Lower engine mounts ? 

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From what I have in the unit (GSX 1100 ET/X, GS 1100 l, GSX 750 ET/X) there is one 'base' frame and then the model or engine size variants have the bracket or threaded/blank inserts specific to them.

The ET and L for example have quite a few differences, the frame tail mounting bracket, the L only has the lower engine mount bolt tubes on the right rail, the side stand mounting bracket is inside the frame instead of below etc. a lot of little differences.

The 750 and 1100 ET/X frames have fewer differences as most of the variations bolt on in the same place but vary between the engine size.

So presumably the base frames go through the welding process stations and have the relevant bits added. 

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