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What is the condition of the chrome parts and the tank? If you intend a full restoration and these are in bad shape, it's going to cost a lot. Restoring parts costs much the same whether they're from a Hond@ wet dream or a Brough Superior. Chrome is very expensive so some bikes with much chrome work are just not worth an OEM standard restoration. Also do your research on what bits for this model are difficult to obtain and if the bike you intend to buy has them in sound / repairable condition or not.

Old GT 250s are quite nice though and if the bike you intend on buying is sound with reasonable chrome work or better, well worth restoring. Personally, I much prefer the older twins to the triples and the later X7 250s.

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I would be looking into availabilty of sound tanks. As is clear, those for some models are like rocking horse shit whereas others are 10 a penny. Most somewhere inbetween. Sounds a little steep for a load of bits. Does it have a V5? It's always best to start with a complete bike or as near as is possible with docs. If not there's always something missing and sure as eggs are eggs, it'll be the most difficult to source and expensive bits busted, rusted or missing :).

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I’ve had a few, right back to the “Super Six” with the clear pipe fuel gauge down the front of the tank and the funky odd clocks.

Not sure I’d have another. To me they were never that great.   I think it’s something you’d need to be passionate about to be throwing money at as their are so many better bikes in the price range with better parts and spares and still having Old Skool Kool. 

Having said that I’ve seen FS1E’s go for more money than Hayabusa’s so maybe it’s just me.

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