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Alternative engines for a 1984 GS75x frame


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22 minutes ago, safka said:

Do you have more information or any link where I can find these pre -made pieces

It is so difficult to find specific information on the Internet...i assume that gsx750 and gs75x have same engine? 

Grumpy1260 do a mount kit, you'll need to email them regarding them and they'll get them made to suit.

As for the two air cooled engines being the same, Ive no idea 

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 i was able to find a gsx 750se motor, hopefully it has the same mounts and i don't have to rebuild anything. Unfortunately, this engine is 700 km from me and the truth will be revealed when it is delivered. Haven't ordered yet and I'm doing research and budgeting how much it will cost to repair an old engine. Old engine had a crankshaft bearing failure. Has anyone fixed this error,  Why does this error occur? Is this something that is typical for these engines? 

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From what I understand a GS75x is the same as the early 16v GSX750s we got in the UK, the ones that looked the same as the early model GSX1100: i.e. the engine is massive. If so, then most engines will fit in the frame. And that probably includes those from large cars, small aircraft, trains, ships etc. etc.O.o

The later GSX750 (from about 1984) with single shock back end as standard, 16 inch front wheel, and an engine that looked a little like that from an 1100EFE has a different engine, albeit also 16v. It's a lot smaller than the first wave GSX750 so the gap in the frame where the engine goes is also smaller but some people have squeezed in a large capacity oil-cooled engine and made a mighty fine job of it too.

Problem here is that Suzuki used different names for basically the same bike for different markets, and the same name for different bikes in the same market. No wonder my brain began to hurt when I read all the above posts :(

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the black engine will go in your white bike as its shorter from front to back than the silver engine,  dont know if they are taller though ? but you will have to make some engine mounts,  try it in the frame and see if any engine mounts will line up. if one does it gives you a starting point. :tu

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what about the exhaust pipes, are they the same size or do they have to be made new as well? If the black motor is shorter, is it also narrower... how will the chain run there? Another option is that I do engine repair on the old engine. At first I was hoping that changing the engine would be easier, but now I'm not so sure. I'll have to do an engine build budget to be pretty sure. There is also a risk of making a mistake because it would be my first time.

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The exhaust could give some problems, as with the engine (black one) being smaller front to back you would have to fit the engine as far forward as possible to get the standard exhaust to fit otherwise you'd need the extend the downpipes.

I think the black engine is also not as wide, so you may need to do some re-working of the chain run? Not 100% on this bit.

It maybe easier to re build your silver motor and keep the other bike as a full working bike.

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