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Alternative Bandit 600 sprocket carrier


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Can any advise which model sprocket carrier will fit a Bandit 600 rear wheel? Looking for something that will give me front and rear sprocket alignment on my GS750 build. Appreciate the spacers will need altering but thats not a problem.. the issue is getting sprocket alignment.. ( Am using a Bandit 1200 swing arm) any advice please? Thanks 

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58 minutes ago, Kevref said:

Thanks Tony.. i guess there is a limit to how much you can reduce it by before the chain starts to hit the tyre ..


ive got a memory like a sieve but i think i had the RF carrier turned down 10mm and that give enough clearance for the tyre. but i did have to fit a thick washer behind the front sprocket for alignment, i wasn't gona pay £60 for another offset sprocket when a washer did the trick :D    

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Ok ! Mine is a 77 gs750 engine in a standard frame..

the issue i had overlooked was the clutch push rod arrangement on the early 750’s. With a bandit 1200 swing arm I dont think its possible to get the sprocket alignment..

i may well revert to the standard wheels and swing arm and use the bandit wheels , swing arm and forks  on a gs1000 I have .. 

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Doing a similar conversion on my 750 ES. I found a GS500 sprocket carrier is much narrower and puts the chain about 5mm too close to the centre, or a Bandit / Teapot carrier puts the chain about 13mm too far over.


So either have the bandit one machined down, or use the GS500 one with a spacer (a standard GS500 rear sprocket is 520 and is about 5mm thick where it bolts onto the hub. Could use and old sprocket as a spacer.


have you drilled the frame pivot out to 20mm or are you using new tophats for the arm?


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I had tophats machined to make the swing arm work.

in the end , due to the way the gs750 clutch pushrod housing is located, i couldnt get the chain alignment . If i found a sprocket carrier that  helped , it then meant i had issues with tyre width and the chain.

the useful info on here is mainly about gs1000 conversions. In the end i reverted to standard gs750 swing arm and forks and will use the bandits bits on a gs1000 i have ..it appears all the offset sprockets seem to work with gs1000 geometry

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