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Bandit 600 big bore


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Just looking for some opinions on my big bore project. I am looking to make a combo project of two motors I have being a bandit 600 k3 and a gsx750f k4 and turn the engine into a 815cc

at first I though bore the 600 for the 73mm pistons as I cannot use the 750 barrels with them being a shorter stroke. But have been advised against it as they would need to be bore out to 83mm and sleeved

my new plan is to use a later gsxr 749 barrel and bore that as it has the correct height for the stroke and would be a lot less work as it’s only being bore out 1.5mm and would not require a re-sleeve

Katana 750 head obviously 

I guess what I am asking is to anyone who has tried to do similar, would it work?

Any advice would be great let appreciated. 

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The gsxf/gsxr short stroke heads are different to the long stroke heads and don't swap.

I've just put the 750 barrels and pistons on a b6 and used the b6 head, had to space the base gasket as the pistons hit the head, so if you're going to bore out the 750 barrels to take the other pistons I'd definitely use the 750 head.

Also you could use the gsxr1100 (1052cc) pistons on the b6 crank ;) you may need to resleeve the 750 barrels but that would be a big bore b6 :D

And welcome to OSS

Don't forget to do a project right up in the projects section (y) we like sharing info but that also goes both ways ;)

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