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Starter motor question


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Gsxr 1100... starter motor works perfectly when bike is cold. Once it warms up and you come to turn on it wont work. It makes a turning sound like ita turning all by itself and not engaging rhe flywheel.

What could cause this, ive been left starnded twice already :)

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GSXR starter clutches are fairly reliable (when compared to those fitted on GSX AC bikes LOL) they either work or don't! The sprag rollers could be worn or the springs have lost tension which could be worst when hot as oil would be thinner? If the bolt had come undone, its really obvious and it wouldn't turn hot OR cold! I've never tried taking one apart and spare internals (if even available new back in the day, will be rare now) could be fitted, although whole unit replacement with a good used unit is generally cheaper option.

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2 hours ago, george 1100 said:

Sounds like your bolt is loose. I had a similar issue a while back. Probably wasn't torqued sufficiently or correctly or both

I have to admit mine caused issues after its build but was due to a low battery so the starter kicked back and loosened the bolt, I knew it wasn't worn as it had less than 4k miles use. It was a bastard to cure, finally used some diamond / carborundum grit infused paste to lock the bolt to the starter without having to stand on the torque wrench LOL!

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