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Manifold mod. Or buy new

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Any of you clever people think this manifold could be made to work?? Or am I better of with a new setup.

They came with a stretched and raked out slabby drag bike project. Its probably not cost effective to mod them. 

But I'm curious




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I'm sure it works i just feel it lacks flow (visual) and smoothness (slight exhaust hernia vibe ?)

In any case it's 10mm from your front tyre so you're going to have to do something about it.

But I'm sure you can make something more fitting, literally, and also more to the style of that road project (y)

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I'd personally disagree as it looks like the maker has attempted to get equal length pipe lengths, no particularly tight bends and pretty good flow direction into the collector! Obviously with raked out forks there is more space for bends and turbo placement - completely opposite to a road bike where manifold must be tight, compact and much harder to achieve equal length tubes (which isn't that important unless looking for max outputs IMO)

And looking good and working is different to looking pretty - nothing wrong with looking pretty, but a hardcore racer won't be spending money on paint or bling if that money could be spent first on something that would make the bike faster/quicker.

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I had a warpspeed racing manifold that was stunning it was never going work on road bike so sold it and used money to build own, was utterly gutted, but shape was really complicated no way could I mod it well.

As no class said can be modded but sometimes is it worth it and compromise or start again and get it where you want.

What seat unit is that btw.

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