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I bought possibly the lowest mileage, cleanest GSXR1100W left in the world... now I need some help guys!

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GSXR Fans, 

I bought this GSXR1100 a few years ago sight unseen.. and had it shipped to me in Northern Michigan. When it arrived I did a quick check over and took for a short ride and it ran pretty rough, suspected needed carbs cleaned/sync'd.  


However I found the fuel tank to be absolutely trashed from sitting for years with old gas, I've tried expensive rust removers and acids, last being citric acid with water... (and then rinsed/filled back up with ethanol free gas) however I just can't get this tank cleaned up. I live in a remote area I have no shops around to get the tank steamed or media tumbled...

What would you guys do? Eblag tanks looks pretty much iffy at best. Another minor problem I have is the fork seals were blown/leaking bad and the lower fork stanchions are fairly pitted , I'm leaning towards replacing the lower stanchions If I cant figure out a good fork conversion. 

Right now the fairings are off, this weekend I'm working on getting the factory pro jet kit installed and then trying to start it up using a glorified hanging bottle as a fuel tank and see how it runs. 

I'll include some pics, so far swapped off the original tires for Michelin Pilots and the oddball size original chain with blue master link ( I think the conversion was 532 to 530).

Replies appreciated!! 






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