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HEL master cylinders

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Hello lads - has anyone had any luck with the HEL master cylinders for the clutch on the 1100

I’m having no luck getting a 19mm master cylinder from them to work on my 87 Slabby 1100 clutch 

tried messing around with longer pushrod but no luck - it’s like it’s almost bled enough but just won’t give that final bite to be enough and I have BLED it now big time 

It is the largest size they make so thought it would displace enough fluid to do the job

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Does it has enough travel?


I just bought a Brembo clutch master, the Nissin had a 14mm piston, the Brembo has 13..

My clutch hardly works, after some detective work I found out that the Brembo has about 10mm less travel on the piston, therefore I need to build a slave cylinder with a smaller diameter.


You need a minimum of 3mm travel on the pressure plate of the clutch, to disengage it properly.

So, the content of the clutch master (surface area X travel) need to be the same as the slave cylinder (surface area X travel)


I can do some calculations for you, but I need details from you;

Diameter piston old pump + travel

Diameter new pump + travel

Diameter Slave cylinder

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It's a whole lot less hassle, cheaper, simpler, and lighter to do a cable conversion. I use a GSXR1000 lever and perch, and 750 teapot cable and cover. If you use flat bars instead of clip ons, then use a Blandit 600 cable. The clutch action is surprisingly light, and I still cannot understand why all oil-cooled bikes didn't have cable clutches as OEM :).

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What ratio (distance from pivot centre to plunger centre) is the Hel cylinder, it's probably 16 or 18? I have used Accossato 19 x 18 (edit, it was 19 x 20 ) cylinders on ZZR1400s & Vmaxs both of which struggle with anything less.

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