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Throttle bodies for 1200 Bandit?


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Now that I have the donor bike/engine I'm going to start gathering some of the other bits I'll need. 

One of the main changes I have planned will be converting to injection. Top of the list will be throttle bodies which are either the correct spacing for a B12 or can be converted to fit. 

So to save me some legwork are there any available to fit that the collective know of? 


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36 minutes ago, Joseph said:

1250 ? 

I don't know (why I'm asking) but I believe that the water cooled spacing is wider between the outers. As far as I know, the Mk2 Bandit spacing (82-86-82) is wider than the Mk1 and general oil cooled spacing of 77-93-77.


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4 minutes ago, Captain Chaos said:


I read through that, and no disrespect to those who contributed but there isn't much in the way of spacing info. Lots of "spaced to suit" etc. plus plenty of info on ID, OD, flows for forced induction.

I'm after basic starting point info if anyone has fitted a set of throttle bodies to Mk2 Bandit head of what they came off of. Straight fit for the outer pairs, spaced in the middle etc.

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7 minutes ago, Captain Chaos said:

it's all been done and explained. Have a look around on the site.

Has it?


Like mentioned the TBs were already installed on the bike so they were spaced to suit on the head 

I have looked, and I can't find the info so I asked the question.

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4 minutes ago, Captain Chaos said:

I think GSX-R600 K1-K3 throttle bodies have been mentioned quite a lot.

Yeah I saw that in a few of the posts, they fit the oil cooled heads for the outer spacing and you have to adjust between the two pairs to suit. But I'm told (not measured myself) that the outer spacing is different on the Mk2 1200 head. Which means the fixed outer pairs from the GSXR600 wouldn't fit.

If push comes to shove I could use individual bodies and fab a link, but that would be a load of work and may not be necessary if someone has found a bank of four or two pairs that fit.

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The MK2 bandit outer rubber's spacing is pretty much correct for gsxr600k1-3 throttle bodies. That just leaves the centre spacing needing an increase which is not hard to do. The throttle body is a very tight fit in the rubber though so they might need a little sanding. 

The MK2 bandit spacing is 80-85-80, the gsxr is 80-80-80

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