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7/11 rear engine mount

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So I’ve got a 750 that I want to stick an 1127 into, but I’m not positive that it’s going to stay a 7/11 in the long term. Might give the engine a rebuild over the winter and some new carbs if I can ever find a proper exhaust for it. Trying to decide if I should drill out the frame to fit the 12mm lower rear engine bold from the 1127, and sleeve the mounts later, or just run a sleeve inside the 1127 and leave the frame alone? 

If this was my only GSXR I’d just say fuck it and sell off the 750 lump, but I’ve got a 7/11 and an 11/12 that I need to finish and get back on the road and I still like the way 750s rev out and they’re fun to ride from time to time. 

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