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Slingshot side panel lugs

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Seeing as Ive never actually owned a slingshot with complete standard bodywork, where tf do the lugs on the side panels press into?

The fix on the top under the pilly seat, into the tank and I cannot fathom where the other press lug goes?

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Yup, those brackets off the passenger peg mounts. You can run them without them, but the plastics flex more.  We can't get them anymore in the states, but they do show up on Eblag. I think Suzuki sold off or killed off the last of a lot of these little random brackets in the last 5-10 years. Every time I look for some OEM bolt or bracket I need to restore my one "stock" bike I find it's unavailable unless it was used on more than one model that was only around for a year or two.

Part number is 43815-41C0V, they were only one the 91/92 750/1100.

Also need the cushions which are 09320-08018, and they're still around.

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