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Efe wiring intrigue?

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So having finally got the Efe up & running again, whilst tracing a brake switch fault back, i noticed the 3 (yellow) alternator wire covers had melted together!

One in particular had gone quite black! I pulled them apart & they all are still intact & not touching eachother.

Suggestions & what/where to look/test first would be appreciated ;) 

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Well the aircooled charging system is well known to be iffy and have a tendancy to overheat.

Is the bike still charging ?

I would take the stator cover off, replace the 3 yellow wires nicely before they melt further and short out, and place it back.

Then use a Yamaha R1 type electronic regulator to replace the original one

I did that on my 5 aircooled engines whose charging system was always either dead upon purchase or died shortly after.

This setup allows a constant 14.5V load to the battery at all RPM and cuts down on overheating oil and engine.

You can find the necessary connectors from kojaycat or AliEx, and the regulator itself can fit in the same place as the original one


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48 minutes ago, Neil-IOM said:

Gurls blouse superdram reg rec all the way, been using them on gs gsx for donkeys years withouit any problems,  worth ditching the block connector for the three yellows from the genny and soldering them   

LOL - haven't seen a wet dream RR for about 20 years!

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