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Sump gasket replacement

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I have a small leak coming from the sump on my Bandit drag bike, hoping it’s just a gasket failure and nothing more serious.

Its a long long time since I’ve changed one over, for the new one, what’s best when fitting it? Put it on dry? Oil it? Little smear of gasket seal? Cheers.

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I recently thought I had a leak and fitted a replacement using hylomar, the nostalgia of it all. Then I discoved the leak was actually coming from the neural switch not the sump. All it needed was a new O'ring. By the way, the price of these gaskets from Suzuki is something like 15 quid! The next one I do I'll smear it with copperslip so it can be re-used.

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I always smear both sides with grease before fitting. 

1. It holds it in place while fitting the case.

2. I think it helps the gasket move a little into place while tightening the joint.

3. If you have to separate the case and don't have a spare gasket to hand there is more chance of it coming off in one piece.

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