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bandit 1200 into slab 750


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Both basically the same engine, mk2 has different harness for electronic Speedo and different harness plug connectors and you will need to block off the pair think or whatever it's called that is under the exhaust ports. You can make or buy the plates.

Think the carb rubbers are different to the mk1 as well.

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as wraith says the carb rubbers are different but both sets are interchangeable,  mk1 rubbers with mk1 carbs, mk2 rubbers with mk2 carbs.  also the mk2 has the speedo sensor on the output shaft if you want to use an electronic speedo. 

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27 minutes ago, grizzlyadams said:

ah, so i can use slab 750 carbs on both engines with 750 rubbers 

Probably but the bigger engines are taller than the 750s so the OEM slabby slide, non-CV carbs (which are quite tall) may foul something. Fitting GSXR slingshot (750j,k or 1100k,l) carb rubbers brings the carbs 5mm closer to the head and gives a bit more clearance. Later gsxrs have massive carbs and the rubbers will be too big for the slabby carbs.

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