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Newby saying hello


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Hello there, I’ve been following OSS for a number of years now and have finally plucked up the courage to join the conversation.

You guessed it, I have a problem requiring the formidable talents of you guys n gals. I ride an ‘89 1100k, far too powerful for an oldie with limited talent and bravery such as me. I also ride an ‘83/84 GS 650 gt, plenty fast enough and now handles and stops a bit better now she’s been fitted with the 1100k complete front end.

Anyhows, my problem is a howling, nay screaming, 3rd and 4th gears from the 1100s gearbox. The scream is there under a constant load, i.e. most town riding, not there when wide open throttle, not a place I venture to very often.

I’m hoping this is not gonna be too expensive, being a pensioner.

Anyways pics, or it didn’t happen.6CE8591F-8402-4E62-8D4D-8594CCD1B555.thumb.jpeg.f46517def5c16dc0ead0a438156639cb.jpeg819B9B2B-4BB9-49A8-A57A-4398727EBE62.thumb.jpeg.a5379e92bb617cc273cd820e64a76a65.jpeg

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Thanks Mr Joseph, I love the bike, after decades of owning mainly Suzuki’s finest, it is a little bit fast for my ageing reactions.

I used to be a plant fitter in a previous life, so engines don’t frighten me. It’s just the cost of OE parts for these old Dinosaurs that scares me. Apparently there is a bearing common to both 3rd and 4th gears and I was wondering if it is a weak point. Anyways, she is having a K8 thou rear arm transplanted over the winter, to go with the L7 GSX-S F front forks so will tear the bottom off the lump and try to work out what’s what.

Thanks for the reply.

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Thanks for the reply mr Wraith

I not going to start the transmission till after chrimbo, I will install the rear end first as I’ve got that already. I would like to update the lights as you have done wraith, trying to make a more modern, comfortable, better handling dinosaur.

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Bearing common to 3rd and 4th????


number 4 and 5 are the 3rd and 4th drive gears and 29 and 33 are the driven, so as you can see all the bearings are common???  !st thing id check once the cahin is off, is the main out put shaft bearing, number 37, you can get hold of the sprocket and see if there is any play at all, over tight chain and lots of wheelies will cause it to wear and whine..

But you have to split the cases no matter which one it is.. But you can do the gear box without disturbing the top end, saving a load of cash on gaskets and stuff, juts watch for the hidden bolts:tu









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Thanks for this mr fatblokeonbandit.

I was looking at this a while ago, it was either No. 22or 30 described as a ‘bearing’ in my naivety I thought it may be common to both 3rd an 4th driven gears, thus causing the similar scream only in those gears. I have a Haynes manual, which I shall use to keep an ageing eye out forO.o


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A while back I bought a 'good' 1100 slabby engine minus the top end and the output shaft bearing was clearly knackered. On splitting the cases the rest of the gearbox was fine. Later GSXR / Blandits have a modified output bearing (wider I think), but I still think FBOB is right and the bike has been run with the chain too tight and the output shaft bearing is shot. You can check this with the engine still in situ by slackening the chain off, getting  firm hold of the gearbox sprocket and giving it a firm wiggle. Obviously this will be easier if you can get hold of the shaft itself by removing the gearbox sprocket first but it sounds to me like the engine's going to have to come out anyway :)

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1 hour ago, fatblokeonbandit said:

If that was so, then all the gsxr and B12.'s would do it all the time and they dont, 

You have a shot bearing Inmate.:tu Pull it apart.:)

What i said was perfectly clear and was based on OP info added to the bearing failure symptoms he seems to be experiencing

What i wrote does not imply anything about how all GSXR and Bandits in proper running order should sound like.

Do read again if any of that or my previous message sound unclear.

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