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Bandit wheels on a GS1000


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Oops of course they are slab wheels i just put slingshot because thats all i own, my brain is stuck on them haha

And yes those shitty wavy AliExpress discs were not the best choice on this bike, but the rest is (y)

Bandit wheels on aircooled gives them a Mash 75 125cc neo retro made-in-china cheapo bikes look

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On 10/27/2021 at 11:11 AM, Joseph said:


and me   :P   


But I also have to say from the look the 18" looks very good...  some say ,  17" looks a bit as Mickey Mouse rims   :P
As far as the handling is concerned, I know the GS 1000S with original suspension and the GSX 1100E, good straight-line running at high speeds above 200KM/h but a bit stiff in the corners.  Now the 17" in the 1100 is much more agile in the corners, the worse straight line running which is inevitably the case at 17", the modern tires balance the current 1100 only starts from about 220KM / h and faster in straight-line running, something to oscillate, about comparable to earlier the original rims.
I think with the 18" that will be in between.  I know everything also depends on the chassis, forks etc. and its setting ...  that's just my impression ...


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1 hour ago, TonyGee said:

maybe he's shy :D

But we don't bite, mutch xD

If he is about, the b6 rear wheel is much easier to get into the standard swing arm ;) but saying that, I've got a zzr1100 rear wheel in a b6 swingarm in a gs550 Frame, just needed to remove some of the frame at the pivots, all in my project thread (see how we go)

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15 hours ago, Kevref said:

Hi all , not gone shy,

been scanning through old posts trying to find out more  details on whats needed to get bandit wheels into a standard gs1000 frame..or which rear swing arm to go for 

It all depends on what your skills are and how far you want to go?

Front end, easyer to swap front ends but do you want USD forks or rwu forks? 

If you go for say rwu bandit forks, you will need to swap stems in the bottom yoke, as the bandit ones are longer than the GS/gsxr stems. Or (like I've done) you can go for a b6 mk1 front end, use the rf600 bottom yoke with the b6 top and forks, then get ever a rf600 front wheel or straight spoke b6, this will give you a 120 front tyre instead of the 110 both the rf6 and b6 use's the same brake discs, calipers, spindle etc.

Most of the gsxr slingshot front ends will go straight in but good luck finding one these days, you could also look at the sv650 front end but you will need to change the Speedo drive to a RF/b6 one.

Which ever way you go, you will need to look at sorting the lock stops out.

Rear end, the world is your to choose from, but do you want to keep the standard swingarm or put a new type in?

The smaller b6/rf6 and sv650 4.5" rim will be the easiest to put in but you will only have a 160 rear (if that matters to you) the bandit/gsxr etc will all fit the GS frame, but you may need to have some top hats made up depends on the pivot spindle size is (can't remember what the GS size is) also do you want it kept as a twin shock or single? 

A single shock will involve some frame work for the top/bottom mounts, or you could weld some mounts on the swing arm to make twin shock.

You can get a 5.5" rear wheel in with the GS frame but you may need to change the chain and sprockets to a 525 or 520 to give you a bit more clearance on the frame.

Lots of questions you need to think about but now you have had a look about, start asking your questions, as above, this has been done meny times so lots of info people can help with.

Ask your questions, put some pics up, and start a build thread, we had to start somewhere (y)

Bit of a long reply but I hope it helps.

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