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Worked crank?? And lock up id


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Hi all. I picked up a motor over the weekend and have a few questions. More to come later

I know the pic is not great but does this look like the crank has had work?? 

The motor is up on a high bench at the moment so I need a extra pair of hands to move it and take the sump of for a closer better pic.

Also maybe it does not matter but any ideas where the lockup is from.

Anyone want their cooking pan back (not) proper oldskool though

Cheers jon






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Motor spec should be 

Std cams adjustable sprockets      mistral worked head                      bored to 1216                            busa rods and pistons                    spacer plate for above rods          knifedged crank                              steel basket clutch plus lockup      direct to head throttle bodies        gt2860 snail                                has micro squirt (looks chopped about)      

I have the plenum and manifold ( this sit to far forward for my slingy) need new one and loads of other parts

This is all new to me and shall be I side project now that I have be re inspired with my slingy build


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