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Scavenger system sorted

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82 Kat with 1200 Bandit motor.

ProBoost turbo kit.

Schnitz Racing , IMG_20211007_230625134.thumb.jpg.8c94572d24ff229f8a3e1f05c32b3c2a.jpggear scavenger

The Bandit motor sits almost straight up in the Bandit frame, but converted to GS it lays forward quite a bit more.

This lowered the drain to below oil line.

1st installed scavenger pump, I could see the return oil running down the sight glass but come to find out pretty quick that oil was still getting onto charge pipe and BOV.

After reading here, I took a restrictor from another turbo around .080" inches. (Journal bearings) and gave it a run today.

Afterwards pulled BOV nice and clean (could have just looked at my left knee instead) but made sure tube was dry.

ProBoost insists their original design works for Bandit and I believe them, just not with my set up.

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