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Project Race Slabby


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A wee health issue has stopped my racing plans this year,on a waiting list to get fixed so lost my mojo with the race bike but thought I should get my finger out and do a  bit in prep for next season.Having the frame strengthened and the swinging arm modified so needed to get it dismantled.Only took 2 hours from start to finish took longer to tidy up afterwards,bloody knackered now :D

Pictures of the slabby in kit form :)







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Carbs cleaned and soda blasted, bores enlarged plus rubbers blended to match intakes. Now need to get a few new parts for the carbs,doesn’t seem to be a full rebuild kit available but Keyster does a Tornado kit direct from Japan only.I’ll look to see if it’s a better option than my 10% ACU discount from Suzuki.





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40 minutes ago, clivegto said:

Hope your health issue is not too serious mate, hope to catch up with you at Donington. Tell me more about your frame bracing plans ? Picture is the Turbo Scratchers NWS frame.

Nothing too bad mate just my malfunctioning ticker still not sorted :D had a couple of procedures but not fixed yet and 1 more to go but the waiting list is 10 bloody months and I can’t do anything stressful like racing until they’ve sorted it.I’ll be at Donington for a catch up :tu

I’ll be having similar bracing to your NWS one plus a little bit on the upper frame plus swingarm mods to, something like this 




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A few bits arrived through the post, donor swing-arm that I’ll use the brace off and the billet adjusters, r1 spindle,blue spot and hanger so it should all work ok with a GSXR 600 wheel.

Gives me better tyre options for next season as I’ve changed my mind about running the old slabby flexi 18” wheels :)



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On 8/5/2022 at 2:01 PM, Simbec1863 said:

Sold an 80’s old skool air rifle to a mate of mine for a decent price so spent the money on some stoppers before the boss finds out I’ve got some cash :D.

Saved more than £75 quid with my ACU discount :tu


You do know that brakes just slow you down, right?

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