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Resurrected after 20 year lay up

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I recently had inspiration to dig my old 7/11 out. I built this from parts 35 years ago but last used it in 1999.

It was laid up properly, oiled bores, fresh oil, drained fuel tank & carbs, drowned in Scottoiler preservative spray twice a year etc.

After fitting new plugs, battery, oil & filter, replacing some fuel lines that had perished, eventually remembering to connect the harness earth and giving the carbs a once over it started!

A few other jobs have been done & I'm just waiting for some caliper seals then it should be good to go just in time for winter :-(



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50 minutes ago, Mike711 said:

So I insured it yesterday and later this afternoon am off to bolt the last few bits on then off for it's first ride since 1999 and my first time on a bike in about 15 years! Slowly seems to be the best policy :)

slow and steady, quite a bit of grunt in them old engines :tu

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Quick update, I had forgotten how good a Harris race baffle sounds on big old 4s and also how awful the lights are! I remember Joe Lucas used to be called the Prince of Darkness but the 750ES headlight isn't much better. LED headlight bulbs seem to get mixed reviews so not sure if that's the answer either.

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