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Chinese / cheap turbo chargers

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Anyone here who has experience with the cheap turbo's?


These days it's or very expensive, or very cheap. I'm after a bigger turbo (TD04), and Eblag offers a couple of these for $230.

I did had a cheap on before, but that was when I started the project, so it suffered abuse by me experimenting and stuff.

So it had a bit of play on the shaft.


Anyone who has experience over a normal use for a longer period of time, if they make it ;)



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Hmm, I looked up at a Subaru parts site what a new turbo cost, was cheaper as expected, but looked on Eblag by that part number.

Found a reconditioned TD04 for a reasanble price, but they look smaller as expected.


Anyone knows how the TD04 - 13 T relates to a VF20?

Does a TD04 cranks out more then a VF20?


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As far as I know quality of chinese turbos vary a lot. There are plenty of examples that have been working just fine but apparently you can still get ones that will fail right away. So I would probably avoid the very cheapest ones and preferably use a supplier that has some reputation and history.

There are quite many variants in the TD04 family. The last number apparently defines the compressor size, bigger the number bigger the maximum power. If I recall correctly TD04-13 is good up to 230-250hp.

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Yeah, I'm aware of the variety in quality, that makes it so hard..

I sort of know of the last number, but no details.

That reconditioned I found is apparently a stock turbo with a new cheap core, so also crap... The photo of that turbo confused me, the exhaust looked much smaller than other TD04's


May be look into if I can put a bigger compressor on my VF20.

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