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Stafford Classic Bike Show 9/10 October


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Ok boys and girls,get your name down here if you are interested in showing your bike,we are currently waiting to see if we can have a stand there at the moment,about time we had some new blood as well so don't be shy,your bike doesnt need to be mint,it has to be OSS,so put your name down and what bike(s) you would like to bring,maybe a pic as well.We normally camp/sleep in a van for the weekend if you haven't been before,you don't have to though. 

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Game on. We have a 6 x 5.5 metre stand, should get 8/10 on it easy enough. Show your interest here please, @Paulmand myself will be bothering some of you via PM. This is the first Stafford show we're in without being in the Big Suzuki Marquee so it would be nice to be able to fill the stand. Exhibitors get free entry x2 and free camping/van overnight and a free coffee in the mornings if your awake early enough.

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I can ride over on the Killa K, RGV or Slabbie, as always depends on if I have to travel back to Denmark Sunday or Monday so may only be on for Saturday if I can't do both.

If someone else can do both days and hasn't had the chance before I can live with not being on the list :tu, would probably come over for a visit to talk bollocks anyway....:D

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10 hours ago, SiBag said:

Is my son's birthday on the Sunday. He has said is ok if want to do the weekend. But I can definitely do Friday evening and show Saturday, maybe Sunday.

Depending if guilt sets in.

I'll be bringing the K.

Nice one Si (y)

@SvsamLet us know, I should be getting the passes and wristbands next week.:pimp:

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