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Smaller turbo


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Hi, I'm currently running a td05 16g at 12 psi. Power is great, but after having my fun I realize I'd much prefer a smaller, quicker spooling turbo for a moe nippy bike, one that I can hear the turbo actually spooling at less than 60 mph.

I would like to stick to my flange, so does anyone know a smaller turbo that fits that flange? I doubt there's clearance for an adapter.


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4 hours ago, Olekat said:

T25 from a 95-99 dsm might be what you're looking for. The cold side is different but the turbine housing is the same bolt pattern

Thanks, thats the source of the turbine housing pattern I was looking for. Unfortunately I can't find a ball bearing version thats still in production, so I'm going to swap over to an exhaust manifold built for the housing of the VF series turbos. 

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4 hours ago, 1260Pete1 said:

The td05 16g is not a great turbo, it's lazy and unfortunately has different flanges to every other turbo out there, a td04 13t is what you want and will give you the sounds you are looking for and also make up to 280 horsepower max but still hit hard low down as Clive will tell you

Sounds like just what I need. Sadly that means dropping money on a new manifold, but it'll be worth it

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