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10 hours ago, davecara said:

In fact mines not gonna get used for a few months yet, you're welcome to borrow it to try out?

That's a very kind offer Dave, im in the process of altering a spare linkage I have, we will see how that goes, If its pants I might take you up on that :tu

Cheers Shipmate....

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12 hours ago, davecara said:

Its worth speaking to @Funkymonkracingabout one of his billet knockles/linkage. That'll raise the arse end up without affecting the workings and ratios of the shock too much. A very worthwhile addition. He made a facetube video very recently that has been posted on here

Brian has a altered 750 setup by look of it bud. 

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The linkage has thicker plates welded onto the bottom but the holes in the same place.????o.O


anyway sorted the seat out an raised it by 1/2 an inch, its spot on now, and mounted the seat unit firmly, it looks a bit untidy at the back but ill sort that later, main thing is the seat is actually where i want it for my fat arse..:tu










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Better get testing!! just booked for 2 day Welsh calssic bike festival at Angesely end of May:tu

Trac Mon is one of my favorites..:)

Need to loose 4 stone as well.:$:$ well thats what Mrs ftabloke says!!!  Or mabey lose 1 stone?? or just wind the suspenders up a bit and buy bigger romper suit.:D



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Yes i was trying a bit to hard to catch the triumph Daytona thing that went past me:$

Epic fun though, i saw the bloke after and he was of a similar age to me but 1/2 the size, and he said he could sense me coming so didnt turn in until i had flow by!!:$:tu

if you look closely you can see the point where i was braking so hard the back end came up in the air so i had to let the brakes off and head for the grass...:D

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1 hour ago, fatblokeonbandit said:

£17 from china..:D



Always good to put your safety in the hands the the cheapest shite from China .....I like the cheap "noodle based" brake  pads on mine , I mena they are vegan but identify as asbestos so what could possibly go wrong ? 



Plate of HMS Gsxcester perchance ? 

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21 minutes ago, fatblokeonbandit said:

Never use the back brake so it doesn't matter how well it works, as long as it passes the brake test machine for the MOT:tu

and the Suzuki one fitted don't work worth a fart anyway.

I'd have thought with your specific username you'd be making use of all brakes possibile to stop.................... :stop: 

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19 minutes ago, PanzerWomble said:

I'd have thought with your specific username you'd be making use of all brakes possibile to stop.................... :stop: 

Nowt wrong with being a little on the larger side. It's not weight, it's a highly sophisticated mass transfer and traction control system. :banana:

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My new shiny wheels arrived this weekend, but i realised I didnt have any room to fit them as my garage is full of junk and bikes and stuff!!!!!!

so moved everything out and had a group photo:D


So white and clean I had to stop myself from licking them,,,,,:D







Remembered the rear had  washers for a spacer!! so made  a new one.:$






The question is Tooo much white or not???  Blue seat unit or just blue number boards, I don't know, ???


Why am I asking you lot?? O.o

Anyway im liking the wheels. They are very shiny.B|










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On 1/13/2022 at 6:42 PM, fatblokeonbandit said:

£17 from china..:D



Still seems a bit dodgy to me using cheap brake bits per se and also alloy fasteners on brake components, regardless of whether they are made in Chiiinnnaaa (said in the style of D. Trump) or not O.o

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